Wormald offer Commercial Grade Security Alarm Systems and also are a licenced Channel Partner for Gallagher Class 5 and Type 1A Security Alarm Systems.  These systems are predominantly used for protection of Zone 3, Zone 4 & Zone 5 environments for Federal Government Agencies.

We understand the challenging design requirements when linking electronic and construction security to these high security areas.  Wormald can provide associated construction systems including doors, frames and hardware, helping ensure there are no holes in the integration of construction and electronic security.


Gallagher’s Type 1A solution is engineered to ensure Australian Government sites are protected and compliant to the Type 1A 2008 alarms standard. Approved by the Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC), the Gallagher Type 1A solution manages alarms, monitors sensors and defends system integrity. Wormald is a licenced Channel Partner for Gallagher’s Type 1A solution.  Wormald has been installing Type 1/Type 1A alarm systems for over 15 years.  Our team hold prerequisite AGSVA security clearances to work within the Australian Federal Government environments that require these types of systems.


The Gallagher Class 5 solution mitigates the risk of vulnerable analogue connections (resistive end of line supervision) for alarm sensors by utilising active end of line modules (EOL). Developed to achieve AS/NZS 2201 Class 5 intruder alarm compliance, Gallagher Class 5 Intruder Alarm System technology also meets the high security specifications of sites with equivalent standards (e.g. EN50131 grade 4) or any locations with a need to ensure edge devices are protected to a high level.  Wormald is able to provide fully integrated Gallagher FT Access Control Systems with the Class 5 alarm system.  On the back of our experience with Type 1A systems Wormald are highly experienced in this field of work.


SCEC is an inter-departmental committee responsible for the evaluation of security equipment for use by Australian Government departments and agencies. The evaluation conducted by SCEC includes comprehensive breach testing, whereby all manner of attacks are employed to test the strength of a solution. Gallagher has a range of SCEC tested perimeter products that are available for deployment globally.  Wormald utilises SCEC endorsed products in all Type 1A and Class 5 Security Alarm Systems.


Professionally engineered CCTV systems offering platforms and components of the highest level of quality.  Providing a range of commercially available products, Wormald are a Channel Partner for FLIR, Geutebrück & Milestone’s CCTV platforms. We marry these systems with high quality cameras from AXIS, Bosch, FLIR, Geutebrück and Sony. These brands offer long term warranty and excellent after sales support along with the usual prerequisite features, of image quality, robust construction and storage reduction.


Our design and commissioning personnel are highly experienced in delivering complex fully integrated access control systems on time, to budget and to the highest installation standards.

Wormald are a Channel Partner Gallagher Command Centre and have installed and currently maintain some of the largest Gallagher Command access control systems across Australia, including the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation at Lucas Heights South of Sydney.  Across these facilities Wormald has delivered Access Control systems, which are fully integrated with other security control systems such as CCTV, security and visitor management.


Wormald have a long history in providing security doors and secure area door hardware in commercial and high security government environments.  Our personnel understand the application of the Australian Government Physical Security Management Protocol in relation to security door and frame construction and door locking requirements, in particular Security Zones 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5.

Wormald supply, install and maintain door and locking solutions in conjunction with the access control and high security alarm systems, providing a unique solution of having one company deliver both the physical and electronic security systems. Wormald utilise proven locksmiths and suppliers who are SCEC endorsed and experienced in SL2 and SL3 rated locks and other security door hardware.


Wormald work with specialist fabricators and suppliers for security fences, crash rated automated and manual gates and crash rated bollards for high security applications.

Our project managers are experienced with the civil, mechanical and electronic interfaces for these systems ensuring a quality delivery for our clients.

Wormald are often called upon to engineer a unique solution, marrying together challenging physical and electronic security applications.  We have installed crash rated physical security barriers in in a number of high profile sites.

Environmental Health and Safety

Through our commitment to Zero Harm, our robust and dedicated Health and Safety department ensures we leverage best practices to ensure safety of employees, public and site personnel across all facets of our business. Wormald are accredited to AZ/NZS4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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